“Czech Ministry of defeпѕe Procures Tatra 815-7 Heavy 6×6 Trucks”

On 24 August, the Czech Ministry of Defence concluded a contract for the acquisition of 209 Tatra 815-7 6×6 heavy-duty off-road trucks in a flatbed design with a total value of more than CZK 1.9 billion (USD 77.5 Mn). The contract was signed on behalf of the Ministry of Defence by Lubor Koudelka, Deputy Director of the Armaments and Acquisitions Section, and on behalf of Tatra Trucks a.s. by Petr Hendrych, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Petr Šimek, Member of the Board of Directors.

In the next few days, a contract will be concluded with Tatra Trucks a.s. for the years 2023 and 2024 for the acquisition of 80 heavy off-road trucks type T-815-7 8×8, so-called hook loader for transport and handling of ISO 1C containers with a total value of more than CZK 1.2 billion excluding VAT. The current state of automotive transport equipment of this category in the Army of the Czech Republic is significantly undersized. Out of the total number of 504 vehicles in operation, at least 200 need to be supplemented, with 80 identified as the minimum for urgent needs.

In the implementation of both public procurement contracts, the Ministry used the urgent method of procurement, which, according to the Public Procurement Act, is applicable in the event of a ωαя crisis and similar extraordinary life-threatening situations.

The Tatra 815-7 (Force) has been produced since 2008, in several variants: 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and 10×10. Chassis variants 10×8, 12×12 and 12×8 are also available.

Tatra knew the exceptional qualities of its T-815 chassis, but to be among the top army vehicle manufacturers, it was decided to develop a new vehicle that would be transportable by the most widespread NATO transport aircraft: the C-130 Hercules. Tatra took the engines and transmissions of the 815-6 model, the chassis T-815 has been modified and a completely new cab has been developed, it is lower, more durable and easy to armor.

In 2004 a prototype of model 4×4 appeared at Eurosatory and other defence and security trade shows. Several other prototypes were later built ranging from 6×6 to 10×10. The cabin is all-metal, tiltable, its construction allows easy additional armoring in various degrees of ballistic protection. Cab tightness allows the use of overpressure filtering.

On the chassis of the Tatra 815-7 several armored transporters were built, such as the Czech VEGA 4×4, the Egyptian Fahd 300, the French Nexter Titus, the Israeli Wildcat APC, the Jordanian Al-Wahsh, the Nigerian Ara and the United Arab Emirates Legion. Tatra 815-7 serves in the Army of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Armed Forces.

Technical specifications:

Engine: air-cooled, turbocharged Tatra T3C-928-90 V8Displacement: 12,667 ccMax. power : 300 kW (402 hp) a 1,800 rpmMax. torque : 2,100 N⋅m (1,500 ft⋅lbf) at 1,000 rpmTop speed: 115 km/hFuel tank capacity: 420 lCruising range: 750 kmAngle of approach/departure: 45°/42°Fording depth: 1,5 m

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