“Jankel to Begin Mass Production of Light tасtісаɩ Transport Vehicle (LTTV)”

Jankel’s production programme for their new Light Tactical Transport Vehicle (LTTV) has changed up a gear from LRIP (Low-Rate Initial Production) to delivering vehicles at a rate of more than 15 per month. The production plan aligns with a re-profiled delivery schedule following ¢σνι∂ and recent supply chain constraints. The LTTV programme, awarded to Jankel in February 2018, will deliver 199 British designed and built tactical vehicles based on the Mercedes Benz UNIMOG vehicles to the Belgian Ministry of Defence (BeMOD). Jankel’s LTTV can be viewed at the DVD exhibition at Millbrook, 21-22 September.

Richard Semmens, Operations Director at Jankel said: “I’m very proud indeed of our team and our UK-based supply chain for working so hard to get our LTTV programme where it is today, with vehicles coming off the production line at increasing frequency and being delivered to our BeMOD customer. Throughout the LRIP builds, we have integrated some industry leading production and quality systems tools which ensure our ramp up in delivery will meet the exacting requirements of the customer”.

In September 2021, Jankel announced the establishment of a new production capability in the UK and in November 2021 it was announced that the programme had passed Preliminary Technical Acceptance (PTA) and had formally entered production. Following a period of LRIP (Low-Rate Initial Production) that coincided with ¢σνι∂ working restrictions, recently, the programme has been gathering pace with vehicle 25 entering production in August. From September onwards, the production rate accelerates further with the delivery of all 199 vehicles set for completion in 2023.



The Jankel group of companies has been continually trading since its incorporation by founder Robert Jankel in 1955. In its early years, Jankel provided specialist design and manufacturing services to improve the performance of rally and racing cars. In 1997 Jankel branched out into producing vehicles for the UK MoD and Police. The company’s current UK HQ is Hamm Court Farm, Weybridge, Surrey. The current Chairman of Jankel Group and Jankel Holdings Inc. is Andrew Jankel, son of founder Robert Jankel. The current portfolio of products and services is wholly defence and security focused and covers the design and production of armoured vehicles, light tactical vehicles, counter тєяяσяιѕм vehicles and equipment, and customised occupant survivability solutions for military.