That’s great! The image of a dog on the ⱱeгɡe of becoming a mother is so heartwarming that it melts millions of hearts

Elsa posted the images of Fusee’s quick pregnancy photoshoot on Monday, June 26. Elsa’s good friend, photographer Clayton Foshaug, took the photos

The images were posted with a caption that served only to warm our hearts even more: “We decided to have a pregnancy photo session because my best friend is eight weeks pregnant.”

Apparently, people on the internet simply couldn’t гeѕіѕt that level of cuteness.

The images show Fusee posing for the camera while wearing a flower crown with her closest friend Elsa, who holds a sign that says: “Soon I will become a mother.”

Others even put a photo of the radiant Fusee on their lock screen. Some people said it was the cutest thing they had seen all day.

Fusee’s adorable baby bump seemed to be about to Ьᴜгѕt at eight weeks.