Tiny Shelter Dog Shocks Vets By Giving Birth To So ɱaпy Puppies

Stuck in an overcrowded rural Kentucky shelter, a tiny terrier with a rapidly growing belly waited for help. If the shelter had too ɱaпy dogs now, it would certainly be overwhelmed once she gave birth.

Fortunately, when vets from the Kentucky Huɱaпe Society learned about the mama in distress, they raced to assist. They arrived just in ᴛι̇ɱe, as a large litter was about to come.


A team of veterinarians examined the dog, now named Momma Malone, and determined that the pup would most likely need to give birth through C-section.

“I was excited — but also concerned,” Dr. Emily Bewley, who delivered the puppies, told The Dodo. “We were grateful that she had come to the Kentucky Huɱaпe Society, where we would be able to safely deliver her puppies.”


During the final days of her pregnancy, Momma Malone stayed at Dr. Bewley’s house. Dr. Bewley was aware that a large number of puppies were on their way and made certain that all of the veterinary personnel was prepared to assist in the safe delivery of the puppies.

“On the way to the shelter, my son sat with her in the back of the car to comfort her,” Dr. Bewley said. “In the meanᴛι̇ɱe, the veterinary team was preparing everyone at the shelter because we knew there were going to be a lot of puppies and we would need all hands on deck. Once we arrived at the shelter, the surgery only took 20 minutes.”

As they looked at the new family, everyone grinned. Small dogs typically give birth to two to five puppies. Momma Malone, on the other hand, had given birth to a monstrous nine children.


Veterinarians were initially concerned that Momma Malone might have difficulty connecting with her puppies owing to the circumstances of the birth, but they were relieved to see that the new mama had no difficulty at all. She clearly adored her children.

“When she woke up, she took to [motherhood] like she had done it before, even though I’m pretty sure this is her first ᴛι̇ɱe,” Dr. Bewley said. “She’s taking good care of everybody.”


Momma Malone and her puppies will be housed at the huɱaпe society until March, when they will be ready to find perɱaпent homes.

The resilient terrier has survived an overcrowded shelter and an overcrowded belly. But when it comes to the number of babies snuggling with her in bed, it’s clear that nine suits her perfect.