15 Creative Indoor Water Garden DIY Ideas for Inspiration

It’s fantastic to build an indoor water garden for your home. Normally, we grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and other plants in soil directly in the garden or in containers. If placed inside the home, plant containers come as the solution. There are ɱaпy types for you to choose from, DIY to store bought, terracotta pots to wine bottle planters. But an indoor water garden offers more. It will be a stunning home décor that grasps the eyes of every one seeing it. Believe us!

Here are 15 inspiring DIY indoor water garden ideas I would like to share today. If you are seeking creative indoor gardens, these are right up your street. These will bring you a lot of fun. To carry out these DIY project, however, you must get to know which plants thrive in water and how to care for them. Then, your plants will do well in the water container, making it an eye-catching spot of your home. Some plants even help purify the air around your home. Let’s check them out!

#1 Fabulous Water Garden

This DIY water garden project requires more skills as there are different plants to grow in.

#2 Water Garden with Fish

Love this DIY indoor water garden? It will be a stunning decor for your living room.

#3 Indoor Water Garden Aquarium

All you need for this DIY project is a glass jar, some plants that thrive under water, and a couple of colorful fishes.

#4 DIY Terrarium

Prepare a glass jar, and grow live plants in it. Don’t forget to put on the cap.

#5 Succulent Water Garden

Some succulents do well in water. You can try growing them in a jar of water.

#6 Windowsill Water Garden

If you no longer want normal soil garden for your indoor plants, this water garden is the way to go. Be sure to give your plants enough light and proper maintence.

#7 Windowsill Herb Water Garden

If you have some space on your windowsill, try this windowsill herb water garden idea.

#8 Onion Water Garden

This onion water garden serves for both cooking and garnishing purposes. Place it in a spot where your plants recieve enough light for their healthy growth.

#9 Cup Water Garden

Why not build a water garden out or a large cup? It does well in your coffee table.

#10 Still-Water Container Garden

One of the easiest water garden to build with your kids!

#11 A Patio Pond for the Screened Porch

You can keep this awesome patio pond in any room of your home.

#12 Grow Anthurium in Water

Anthurium does well in water. You can build a water garden with these plants.

#13 Beautiful Tabletop Water Fountain

This is one of the most stunning tabletop water fountains to add to your home. Love it?

#14 Outside Pond Water Garden

This will make your garden more attractive!

#15 DIY Container Water Garden

I have got one already in my home. It is still doing well now.


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