A heartwarming sight: Owner and dog walking together every day look cute

ɱaпy viewers were impressed by the dog’s apparent skill at riding the scooter, with some even praising the owner for his trust in his furry companion. However, not everyone was as enamored with the video. Some expressed concern about the potential danger of riding a scooter with a dog, especially given the unpredictability of city traffic.

In conclusion, the video of the puppy riding on a scooter with his owner has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. While some may express concern about the safety of the dog, it’s important to remember that every pet-owner relationship is unique. As long as the owner is taking the necessary precautions to keep his or her pet safe, then who are we to judge? So, let’s celebrate the love between this ɱaп and his dog and hope that they continue to enjoy ɱaпy more adventures together, whether it be on a scooter or otherwise.