As the snake and lizard engaged in a brutal fight to the death, a brave ɱaп intervened, uttering the words, “I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew”

A British expat has given a gecko a helping hand after becoming locked in a battle with a snake.

Daniel Batchelor, 54, found the lizard caught in what he described as a ‘Mexican stand-off’ with a snake next to his house in Pattaya, Thailand, when he decided to intervene.

The golden tree snake had wrapped itself around the blue and orange tokay gecko, which was perched on a pole on Mr Batchelor’s driveway.

Though the lizard had sunk its teeth into the snake in response, Mr Batchelor decided to step in and loosen the snake by giving it a prod.

He caught the clash on camera and can be heard giving his analysis while his wife, Nim, is heard in the background urging him to stop.

‘I’m just going out and look what I’ve just seen. The snake’s got the gecko and I don’t think I can do much to help it, and I love these geckos,’ explains Mr Batchelor.

Daniel Batchelor discovered a lizard caught in a headlock with a snake outside his house in Pattaya, Thailand

Though Nim tells her husband, originally from Cowes on the Isle of Wight, that the snake will bite him, he insists on continuing to assist the lizard to victory.

‘You don’t know about Thai snake, some snakes can kill you,’ says Nim.

Mr Batchelor argues, however, that the snake’s venom will not poison him.

The British expat, originally from Cowes on the Isle of Wight, decided to step in and give the gecko a helping hand

‘That’s a golden vine tree snake, it’s not poisonous. It’s mildly venomous but harmless to huɱaпs,’ says Mr Batchelor.

Golden tree snakes, also known as Chrysopelea ornata, are common to South and Southeast Asia. They are considered mildly venomous though not dangerous to ɱaп.

Mr Batchelor then goes on to continue his analysis of the fight: ‘The snake has let go, but the gecko hasn’t. This is amazing. I’ve seen them on Facebook but a drama in my own garden.

Though golden tree snakes are venomous, their venom is not considered poisonous to huɱaпs

Mr Batchelor initially prodded the snake to loosen its hold on the tokay gecko, which was perched on a pole on his driveway

‘I think the snake’s probably in more trouble, I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew. I’m not sure what to do here.

He then notes that the tables have turned, and the gecko is refusing to let go of the snake so he pulls them apart and throws the snake to the ground.

‘The snake’s trying to let go. Let him go gecko, come on.

‘We’ve got the snake’s tail but the gecko is not letting go so you can’t blame the snake for curling round him. This is a ‘Mexican stand-off.’