Despite the odds stacked against her, a fierce buffalo mother remains steadfast in her hope for a miracle that will reunite her with her precious baby, snatched away by a cunning leopard.

This is the moving and emotional moment a buffalo mom stood by the tree where a leopard had hoisted her calf, in hopes of some miracle allowing her to get her baby back!

Buffalo Mom Still Hoping for a Miracle to Get her Baby Back from Leopard© Provided by Latest Sightings

Last week, over the long weekend, we got a ting of a leopard that had just made a kill. But, this kill was unusual! It’s not often we get reports of a leopard killing a buffalo. Even though this was a baby buffalo, for the leopard to be able to dodge the herd, which are known to rescue their loved-ones, this was on its own a very rare sighting.

Leopard carrying the buffalo calf across the road© Provided by Latest Sightings

But, after the leopard dragged the carcass across the road, the mother of the buffalo calf didn’t give up. She stood by the tree for most of the day, in hopes of a miracle.

This video was sent in by Yves Strybos. He tells us the story:

Yunus was the first one to ting the sighting on our WhatsApp group!© Provided by Latest Sightings

“We were approaching the sighting and we first saw some hyenas and the distressed female buffalo. I first presumed she was injured and that the hyenas were after her. Once we stopped the vehicle I looked up and saw the massive Gomondwane male leopard with the recently killed buffalo calf. The mother buffalo continuously circled the tree and the leopard kept his paw tight on the carcass so that it wouldn’t fall out of the tree. The buffalo mom hopes she could get her baby back. He jumped out of the tree a while later to get away from the female buffalo and returned later in the afternoon to eat his kill in peace.