Brave Firefighters Attempt to Save ‘Wheelie Pup’ Trapped in Tire

Puppies are inherently curious creatures, and someᴛι̇ɱes their desire to explore and get into everything can get them into trouble.

A tiny puppy that got stuck inside a spare tire was freed thanks to a team effort determined to save her. Riverside County Animal Services Officer Jose Cisneros responded to a call in Coachella, Calif. about the 3-month-old Australian cattle dog.

A dog got its head stuck in a tire

Sharing their rescue operation with their followers on Twitter, Riverside County Department of Animal Services officials initially tried to oil the puppy’s head to slide it out, but, due to swelling in the dog’s neck area, the slick plan did not work.

In a press release, the department explained that using cooking oil to help lubricate an animal stuck in a tricky situation is a “common tactic.”

When that method didn’t work, the team sedated the dog to keep it calm, and contacted the Riverside County Fire Department for reinforcements.


The firefighters then transported the dog and its wheel to a safe place, where they could use power tools to cut the rim and free the animal’s noggin. The dog — deemed “Wheelie Pup” by rescuers — quickly ate food afterward.

“Rescued! Thank you to our comrades,” wrote the Department of Animal Services on Twitter along with footage of the moment the dog was freed from the car part.

Updating a concerned follower of the animal rescue’s play-by-play, the Department of Animal Services team said on Thursday that they found Wheelie Pup’s owners.

“Owners contacted us about what had happened; reunion should happen Thursday morning or mid-day; we are still caring for puppy,” the department tweeted.

On Facebook, the Department of Animal Services — which offers ɱaпy pet services, including adoption, education and licensing — described the eventful day of animal rescuing as “strange, scary [and] exhilarating.”


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