Charming Sight: Playful Baby Elephants Spotted Enjoying Themselves Together In Prague

A heartwarming scene unfolded in Prague as two playful baby elephants, both born this year and half-sisters, were spotted engaging in a delightful game.

Lucie Štěpničková, a 33-year-old visitor from Prague, managed to сарtᴜгe these charming images of the young female elephants as they tumbled on the grass and intertwined their trunks with each other.

Watch the video at the end.

According to Lucie, the first calf was born on March 27 to Tamara, while the second one arrived on May 9 to Janita.

Both calves share the same father, a male elephant named Ankhor. The bulge on her Ьottom can identify the older female calf, but both sisters are nearly the same size.

Source: YouTube/Carters Clips

During the day, the younger calf enjoys napping, whereas the older one prefers to stay awake and play. As a result, the older sister often wakes her sibling for fun and games.

One of their favorite activities is climbing rocks, which the younger sister has mastered and is teaching her older sibling.

The two baby elephants delight in bumping into and teasing each other, creating a heartwarming spectacle for onlookers.

Source: YouTube/Carters Clips

Source: YouTube/Carters Clips

Source: YouTube/Carters Clips

Watch the video below:

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