Check out the PINK hooves, eyes, ears and nose on the Albino twin close ups in Wisconsin! Absolutely captivating!

Albino Deer or “White Deer” are White-tailed Deer and are quite rare in Northern Wisconsin.

There are only 200 to 300 Albinos in the entire state of Wisconsin. We are very lucky to live near a State Forest and lots of private land. Albinos are protected in Northern Wisconsin and cannot be hunted.

When we first moved here in 1994 we would only see a couple of Albinos every now and then. When I built a Food plot to attract deer there were 4 Albinos living on our land and another 20 or 25 within 2 or 3 miles. Unfortunately their numbers have dwindled and we are now down to 2 on our land with a scattered population of them all around the surrounding Boulder Junction area.

They live with the brown whitetails but do not like them. The Albinos are a lot more aggressive and will fight the brown whitetails to chase them away. They do interbreed and have both white and brown fawns. We love all the deer but when an Albino comes into sight you do not even notice the brown deer. They are truly one of God’s most beautiful and rare animals.

View videos of the Albino White-tailed Deer on YouTube


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