“Don’t take my baby, please don’t take my baby!” Touching mother dog win child back from dog trader!

Around the end of October, Sohu’s pet-loving forum appeared a post about a mother’s motherly love for the Golden Retriever to protect her children, causing the online community to “wake up”. It is known that the post was posted on the Daydaynes page in 2020, and attracted a lot of public attention, so far the heat of the above touching story has not shown any signs of cooling down.

In China, pet markets are very popular, when we go there we will be able to freely admire and choose for ourselves a suitable friend. A netizen happened to stop by and spot a very cute Golden Retriever puppy. He said: “I went for a walk around, and my eyes were met by a pack of Golden Retriever puppies sitting neatly near the man looking very busy. In particular, the appearance of the mother dog. I was very curious, coming to visit. watching and planning to buy one, but what happened next made me extremely surprised.”

Carefully selected, the boy also targeted a cute baby who looks very docile. While the owner gave him the dog and waited to receive the money, something unexpected happened. The mother dog suddenly lost control and rushed to the young man’s body, he was extremely panicked, his front legs grabbed the puppy, his mouth continuously barked loudly, his eyes were filled with pleading looking at the same man. as if to say: “Don’t take my baby, please don’t take my baby!”

The owner of the dogs shared that his situation was inherently difficult, this time his big “boss” gave birth to 8 children. Economic conditions can not handle such a large number, he also does not know how to post online to easily find a good family to buy them, so he has to bring them to the market to sell.

The work of “milk diaper mother” surprised people around. Everyone realizes this is what you call motherly love. Witnessing the sight of her child being taken away right in front of her eyes, no mother could stand it. Looking at that picture, the guy was very heartbroken, he said: “I am really surprised by the mother dog’s action, but if I don’t buy it, someone else will. I am a dog and cat lover myself. make sure it has a good life. Hope you can entrust this ‘lotus’ with peace of mind.”

When hearing the comfort and commitment of the “lotus”, the big “boss” seemed to understand, it only paused for a few seconds, looked at the puppy very affectionately and turned away. The above touching story, after being posted on social networks, caused a stir in public opinion. The online community could not hold back their tears at those images. They all hope the puppies will find a loving owner

Previously, there was a “boss” Golden Retriever who had just given birth to 3 children. By chance one day, the owner’s friend came to visit and asked for a baby. “Boss” heard that someone wanted to marry his child and was extremely worried. She thought the owner wanted to take her child away, so he hugged the three children and put them in an iron basket and ran into the room to hide. Then perhaps the mother dog felt unsafe, so she took her puppy and ran to the door to take her to hide.

Perhaps we are no stranger to the Golden Retriever. In addition to being famous for with a high IQ equivalent to a 6-year-old child, Golden Retrievers are also known as “kind dogs”, they have successfully won the hearts of many people.