Dramatic confrontation on the African plains as herd of buffalo save abandoned baby elephant from lions.

The video captured by Jill Mathews of the brave moment when a herd of buffaloes came to the rescue of an elephant calf being attacked by lions is truly remarkable. It is a rare and unrepeatable event that highlights the unpredictability and danger of life in the wild.

Regarding the behavior of the elephant calf, it is difficult to say why it was alone and unprotected.

It is possible that the mother was killed by poachers or died from natural causes, leaving the calf vulnerable and alone.

Elephants are known to form strong family bonds, and it is rare for a young calf to be left alone and unprotected.

It is also unclear if anyone else witnessed the events of the following day, as Jill and her husband had to leave and could not return.

However, it is important to remember that events like these are a reminder of the fragile nature of wildlife and the importance of conservation efforts to protect these magnificent animals.