Drowning Dog Had Completely Given Up — Until She Saw Rescuers

She knew they were there to help.

After a dog fell into a deep well, she swam around in circles for hours, desperately waiting for someone to help her. Finally, she became so tired and weak that she couldn’t swim anymore — and that’s when someone finally spotted her.

A villager finally noticed the poor dog, desperately clinging onto the wall of the well, and contacted Animal Aid Unlimited, hoping it could help. The rescue immediately rushed out to find her, and when they got there, it seemed that the poor dog had given up hope.

She looked so defeated, leaning against the wall of the well …

… until she heard the commotion up above, and lifted her head.

As soon as she saw that help had arrived, the exhausted dog summoned up all the strength she had left and began swimming in circles, so excited to see her rescuers.

The sweet dog continued to swim around and around as a rescuer was lowered into the well. She greeted him eagerly.

… and then let him place her in a net.

The rescuers above then began to slowly lift the net up to safety …

… until finally, she was safe in their arms.

Rescuers quickly took the sweet dog to get checked out, making sure she wasn’t injured …

… and then gave her plenty of space to rest and lots of love and cuddles, which she accepted eagerly. Without the kind rescuers, the poor dog likely would have drowned. She seems to have realized that, and is clearly so grateful to them for saving her life.

Watch the full video of this dog’s rescue below: