Enigmatic Geometric Tattoos: Captivating Designs Unveiled

Geometric tattoos are not simply lines and dots. They unite the simplest geometric figures into a single design, resulting in complex drawings of astonishing perfection. As a result of the artistic creative mind and individual approach of tattoo artists, the multi-content world of tattooing has been enriched with this completely unique and unrepeatable style.

They can represent any design: animals, plants and flowers, etc., with incredible skill in geometry style. The most remarkable are the depictions created using clear geometric images, which are not based on any other image. All the charm and attractiveness of the geometric figures stays in their absolute symmetry and ideal distribution.

This style of tattooing has a history of thousands of years. In ancient ᴛι̇ɱes, it had spiritual and religious significance.

Nowadays, these images are symbols of balance, symmetry and also mean mystery and creative thought.

If you are interested in connotation of each geometric figure, then keep reading. And so the circle reflects the never-ending cycle of life. It can also mean harmony in some cases. The triangle is a sign of strength and support, and in relation to its three sides, it is connected with the ideology of the Holy Trinity, widely spread in Christianity. The square is connected with strength, foundation and support.

Geometric figures are often made with the participation of a bear, an elephant, a lion, a wolf, a butterfly and other animals and insects. Flowers, precious stones and the image of a heart are also widely used in this style.

The most used part for geometric designs is the sleeve. The back also provides an excellent area for these drawings. Women can display all the perfection of geometric ink art on their thigh thus creating a stunning scene.

Men, on the other hand, can choose a design that adorns the upper part of the sleeve and extends to the chest. Such designs are highly attractive and desirable.



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