Experience the brutal reality of the animal kingdom as a vengeful hippo seeks retribution for its mother by crushing a lion’s skull.

the little newcomer Drew unwanted attention, ‘s mother was well aware of the danger she kept her calf close a lion in search of prey is a frightening Menace as he came near to the river he hesitated the river belonged to another Predator it gave her ᴛι̇ɱe to hide the calf but the lion breathe the waters, a mother instinctively went fiercely and fearlessly in the face of a lion deceiver baby his courageous mother saved his life as the baby hippo grew his mother spent her entire life protecting him

because of her encounters with other predators she has suffered several severe scars and bruises she has gotten so elderly that she may be taking her last breaths unable to rest in peace knowing what dangers her child May encounter on his own in the world meanwhile Alliance spots her vulnerability and moves in to take advantage of the opportunity, the baby hippo saw the threat this ᴛι̇ɱe and stood up to defend his mother he was trying to save her foreign, but as more Lions gathered it was typical for him to do so

he was frustrated and Confused not knowing where to go since his mother’s worst nightmare has come true the young hippo must travel alone and defend himself wandering around aimlessly he hadn’t noticed the Trap he was walking into. that was a close call he had no choice but to leave his mother growing old can only give this hippo more strength however the Lions hadn’t had enough of pursuing hippos they surrounded him immediately he attempts to protect himself but finds they are stronger than him

unsure of what to do next he fights back as the Predators struggle to escape he opened his Jaws at a 180 degrees angle and grabbed its head oh yeah the hippo successfully escaped he may have been hurt and worn out but he showed that he wasn’t as powerless as he once was