Gathering of Stone Lotus Types, Names, and Categorization

Name of stone lotus is beautiful and easy to grow1. Brown stone lotusTalking about stone lotus, it is impossible to ignore brown stone lotus or Chocolate lotus. This is a plant that is loved by ɱaпy people and the color choice is almost chocolate color  and has a very special meaning in love. This succulent plant originates from  Mexico  and was introduced to Vietnam and is popular throughout the 3 regions of North Central South.

2. Buddha’s Stone LotusPhat Ba stone lotus is a type of stone lotus with ɱaпy blisters growing around the main body, looking very beautiful. This type of succulent is blue at the top, usually burgundy. Basically, the stone lotus has ɱaпy shining leaves like the “Lotus of the Buddha and the Goddess of Mercy” or sitting, so it has such a familiar name. The meaning of Buddha’s lotus stone can represent a strong and eternal friendship, love, and inᴛι̇ɱacy over ᴛι̇ɱe. Besides, it also has another meaning that is to bring luck and peace to its owner.

3. Umbrella stone lotus – Parachute Hong stone lotusDau stone lotus is a species of lotus that has been mentioned by ɱaпy people. It is also the first choice of ɱaпy stone lotus players today. This plant has ɱaпy thick, slightly rounded leaves arranged together, the branches grow around a segment and then the clusters of leaves grow down like umbrellas, so it is called umbrella lotus, the way the branches grow is quite similar. look so beautiful. You will also feel very fond of eyes when looking at such succulents, on which there are layers of chalk that look very lovely and gentle. This type of stone lotus is a symbol of close association, an eternal love with ᴛι̇ɱe.

Pink umbrella lotus is a type of stone lotus belonging to the Echeveria family with the scientific name Echeveria Prolifica, which adapts very well to the hot climate of Saigon. The tree is quite small in size, the tips of the leaves are pink climbing. However, as the name suggests, the tree has a similar growth pattern to the umbrella lotus, which means that there will be ɱaпy child branches that will grow from the parent tree like beautiful flower clusters.

4. Jade Lotus (Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue)Gemstone lotus scientific name is  Sedum rubrotinctum, and is commonly known by other English names such as  Jelly bean or Pig and bean. It is a species from  Mexico, in the genus  Sedum, in the family Crassulaceae. The leaves of  Jewel change from green to red  during the summer months as a protective pleasure. They have a field of bright yellow flowers between the leaves in mid-spring.

Jade stone lotus   has succulent, round, slightly elongated leaves, the end of the leaves is often green, red, or purple like pearls, stretched and grown in water, the tree has a feng shui meaning to bring fullness and wealth. wealth. In addition, jade lotus is also a member of the stone lotus family, so it has the meaning of an eternal love and friendship over ᴛι̇ɱe.

5. Lotus Thach Bich (Pearl Lotus)There is another species of stone lotus with ɱaпy names  Sen Thach Bich, Phi Thuy lotus, lucky lotus or another variation is  friendship lotus, and especially his name coincides with the money tree, so it is also called  money lotus (Tree of money tree) money). Ngoc Bich originates from South Africa, with its easy-to-grow and well-adapted characteristics, the tree is now popular everywhere, including regions in Vietnam. Particularly in Vietnam, I often call it Thach Bich or Ngoc Bich lotus. This is a tree of the family Crassuloideae, genus Crassula, scientific name is Crassula ovata.

Ngoc Bich Lotus is a green-leaved lotus with long, silky branches. Small leaves, round leaf tips like coins, green like jade, thick fleshy leaves and quite large. If absorbing enough sunlight, Thach Bich lotus will appear burgundy leaves. The flowers of Thach Bich are small white or pink.

6. Thai stone lotus (green stone lotus)Another Thai stone lotus of the Echeveria family has another soft wing that looks great in garden pots. The name is Thai lotus originating from Mexico and Central America. The tree has ɱaпy stout and slightly curved leaves, the leaves are pentagonal arranged around each other. Thai stone lotus, also known as green stone lotus, is green or blue in color, with a layer of fine powder on the leaves. Because of its strong vitality, attitude lotus is known as a miniature ornamental plant symbolizing eternity, enduring with ᴛι̇ɱe. Like an image of love.

7. Dragon claws with stonesDragon’s Claw Lotus is the strongest succulent in the succulent plant line. The average age of a dragon’s claw is very long from 2 to 5 years. The tree has long and strong roots that absorb nutrients for the plant very well. The long and slender leaves of the dragon’s claw grow towards the end, with white lines resembling a velvet starfish or the claws of a Dragon, so it is called  sen Mong Rong. In  feng shui dragon claws   there is a picture of a money sucker, good luck for you. Having a dragon’s claw lotus plant on your desk will give you good fortune to be able to advance at work. Better relations with colleagues and superiors. Dragon’s claw lotus placed in the living room at home helps you maintain good relationships in the family. Another great effect of dragon’s nails and ɱaпy other plants is that the tree absorbs harmful electron rays from electronic wave-carrying devices, very good for health.

8. Golden stone lotusGolden stone lotus is one of the types of stone lotus with thick wings, very beautiful yellow-green wings. If you look from above, it will look like a flower and is looking at you. Some succulents are drought tolerant and have persistent vitality. Golden stone lotus meaning wealth, richness. Yellowstone lotus can live in different types of soil and it can withstand a limit of up to a month. If the plant is exposed to a lot of sunlight, the edges of the leaves will have a beautiful dark yellow color. On the contrary, if the plant is not exposed to sunlight, the leaves will thin out and the leaves will gradually turn yellow-green.

9. Rubik’s Stone LotusThe ruby ​​lotus tree belongs to the family of ornamental plants, native to Mexico. Ruby stone lotus is a herbaceous plant with lots of water and green all year round. Stem shortened, growing abundantly, long filamentous, gray-green, thick and watery, ovate-shaped, leaf apex rounded, slightly purple halo, surface powdery white, leaves growing on stem lotus shape. Blooming in April to June, flower clusters emerge from the leaves, flowers are arranged like an umbrella, the whole plant is made up of ɱaпy pieces of jade, often decorated on windowsills, on tables. to greenen the apartment.


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