Here are the top 11 most popular potted flowers that are easy to grow nowadays

Currently, growing flowers has become an elegant and simple hobby of ɱaпy people, it brings joy and relaxation to the soul after tiring working hours. Potted flower clips make it more convenient for you to care for and display and decorate in the family. In this article, King Mattress will tell you the top 11 flowers that are easy to grow in pots  called the best today!

1. Block roses in potsTopping the top 11 flowers that are easy to grow in pots is the Rose, the queen of all flowers. The characteristic of  Rose  is a sunny plant, the more sunny the tree, the more flowers it will have, so it is a suitable choice for balcony or garden planting.

Cut roses in pots easily

The meaning of roses: Each color of the rose can represent different meanings. In addition, roses are also an endless source of inspiration for poets, poets and musicians. In life, roses can also cure diseases or bring beauty to people. Especially for women, this is a very meaningful gift for them.

Roses are pretty easy flowers to grow, you just need to regularly hydrate and spot ɱaпure to grow well. You can put rose pots outside the balcony, window to make the space become roɱaпtic and poetic.

2. Gerbera flowerGerbera  is also in the top 11 easy-to-grow flowers that you can refer to. Gerbera has the scientific name Gerbera or another name is gerbera. The flower is a plant of the daisy family, first grown in South Africa and Asia.

Today, gerbera has been bred a lot and is widely distributed around the world with more than 3000 different species of flowers such as double gerbera, slang gerbera, etc.

Dong Tien flowers bring a lot of luck to the owner

Gerbera flowers are similar in shape to chrysanthemums. They have two types of petals spherical and tubular. Petals grow larger in size, often arranged in an outer ring, tubular petals are smaller and grow inside.

Not only bright and brilliant beauty, gerbera flowers also carry ɱaпy different special meanings. Clipping gerbera flowers in the house will help homeowners prosper and meet a lot of success. Gerbera is an easy flower to grow and care for, so you can plant it in a pot and place it on the balcony or in the garden.

3. CarnationsIn the top 11 flowers that are easy to grow in pots, it is impossible to mention the carnation. This is a herbaceous flower, living ɱaпy years, straight stem, ɱaпy branches, long leaves, edges are not serrated. Thin gray to blue green leaves. With light, gentle wings, gentle propellers. Petals that do not follow a certain format are stacked to form an extremely vibrant flower.

Carnations in different colors have different meanings

Carnations have extremely rich and diverse colors: white, orange, red, yellow, pink, … or white mixed with different colors. It is suitable for growing in tropical climates and usually blooms in the spring. Planting and caring for carnations is also very easy, just reaping water twice a day, the flowers can grow well.

4. DaffodilsDaffodils quite tall, slender, twisted leaves surrounding the stem that rise, in the middle are luxuriant flowers, elegant and delicate beauty.

Daffodils are a symbol of sincerity

Daffodils grow with bulbs, so it is not difficult to take care of. According to feng shui, if you put a flower pot in the house, it will bring good luck to the owner.

5. Block lilies in potsThis is one of the few flowers with diverse and rich colors and especially flowers possessing both fragrance and color in a unique way. Yes.

The lily is everyone’s favorite flower

Lilies are planted in ɱaпy pots and placed in the living room every Tet to spring. The lily is a symbol of politeness, elegance and courtesy.

6. Evening primroses are easy to grow in potsEvening primrose is a flower with ɱaпy special and beautiful meanings. Evening primrose represents pure, pure and soft love, light but full of life, always strong to move forward.

In feng shui, evening primrose also has ɱaпy good meanings. This cotton towel helps the owner to have a lot of joy and happiness, and at the same ᴛι̇ɱe, the relationship in the family becomes more open. If you are looking for the top 11 flowers that are easy to grow in pots, you can choose the evening primrose flower.

Evening primrose flowers have ɱaпy deep meanings

This is a plant that is easy to care for and has few insects, so it is often chosen by ɱaпy people to decorate in the corner of the wall, on the balcony or high in front of the house.

7. Camellia with attractive beautyCamellia also known as Japanese camellia or my camellia, the scientific name is Camellia japonica. Is a plant of the tea genus, originating from East Asia such as Japan, China, and Vietnam.

Potted tea flowers are very beautiful

Camellia flowers with ɱaпy colorful colors used to decorate the house will make the home space fresh and luxurious.

8. Grass apricot blossomApricot flowers are small shrubs with ɱaпy different colors. Hoa can be grown all year round in warm weather conditions.

Filter apricot flowers suitable for any ᴛι̇ɱe in your home

Plum Blossom is often used to decorate the wall to highlight the living space. You should put the flower pot in a cool sunny place and water enough so that the plant does not wilt and can grow healthy.

9. Medicinal flowersMedicinal flowers are characterized by long life and are suitable for places with warm climates, lots of sunlight. Medicinal flowers are very diverse, countless colors but absolutely never blue.

Common medicinal flowers are grown in pots, placed in the ban

In addition, dahlia flowers are often used to make medicine for women, used to tonic blood, nourish the body, treat dizziness and head. Each color of medicinal flowers has a different meaning.

10. GeraniumsGeranium is a potted flower that is loved by ɱaпy people, because of its very own beauty and this flower also has ɱaпy different meanings. According to feng shui, this flower has the ability to exorcise evil and return your family luck and fortune.

Maple flowers removed are easy to grow in pots

Thanks to the variety of colors and harsh weather characteristics, geraniums are often used to decorate balconies or right in front of the house, creating accents for living space. You just need to put the flowers in places with regular light and water every day for the flowers to grow well.

11. Small-leaved chrysanthemums in potsStanding last in the top 11 flowers that are easy to grow in pots, chrysanthemum leaves are one of the flowers that ɱaпy people are interested in. Chrysanthemum flower with grape leaves exudes a beautiful beauty with diverse and rich colors such as purple, pink, white, light purple, etc. In addition, this ornamental flower is also a symbol of longevity and affluence. .



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