Mongoose v/s Cobra Faceoff – The Fight Is Pretty Gory Sight !

Mongoose and Cobra are sworn rivals and their fight is a pretty gory sight.

In this fight, either you win or you die. As per the Darwinian theory, the fittest only survives and the weakest always disappear in oblivion.

That is how ecology persists and huɱaпs too are not out of that radar. In huɱaп civilization, the great wars brought supreme catastrophe and made fathers bury their sons. The thumb rule of winning a war is knowing your enemy and knowing yourself and you will never have to admit defeat to the powerful. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

There is a reason why mongoose and Cobra are at loggerheads that is, as Wikipedia puts it, Mongoose can not be harmed by the venom of snakes because they have acetylcholine reactors like the receptors of snake so the snake neurotoxin bears no ill-effect on them. They are enemies because they both are powerful and one’s life depends on the death of the other. Besides, Mongoose have a thick coat which makes the snake venom go futile too.

The common factor between Mongoose and Cobra is that they like the same meal and in pursuit to mark their territory over food, they try to dismiss each other hence the war. Driven by the conceit of power, none of them are ready to run away and make sure what they get, they deserve it.

However, as per ecologists, Mongoose and snakes are not natural enemies and someᴛι̇ɱes they let each other go without attacking while bursting into sight of each other. In plain speak, both are peace loving creatures and don’t react until their personal space is invaded. And food, in that case is a greatest concern for all the animals because it is indispensable for their survival. Obviously, they would tear each other down if anyone threatens to take away their food, don’t huɱaпs do it? they do too.

There are also instances that Mongoose didn’t attack the snakes in the first place but got attacked because they crossed their path. However, Mongoose always consider snakes as their prey and given a chance they pick up a brawl with them until the snake succumbs to his injuries. It was previously said that their fight is a gory sight to watch because there is a lot of bloodbath incorporated. However, a snake and a mongoose are the creatures who are danger to each other in every given occasion. They will leave no opportune moment to tear each other apart.

In this video too it seems like Ramsay Bolton and John Snow at war.

If you look from a close, there is a fierce expression the mongoose is wearing whereas the snake seems to be fearsome and ready to return all the deathly blows by the Mongoose. They are stopping at nothing to defeat each other and things are on the boil hence. The Mongoose looks like a perfect warrior who is sizing up the snake from a distance and then attacking.

This video was really entertaining to watch and we are sharing it with you below: