Nature at its most cruel: Helpless elephant calf is brought down and killed by a lion

Incredible images show the moment a lion cub killed a juvenile elephant in ZimbabweThe junior strayed away from the rest of its group at the Makalolo pan in the Hwange National ParkA lion cub seized the opportunity and pounced on the helpless youngsterThe photographer described the scene as a ‘meat feast’ although the lions failed to bring down giraffesA set of incredible images captured the moments a lost junior elephant was pounced upon and killed by a lion cub hunting with its pack.

The young lion was on the look out for food near a watering hole at the Makalolo pan in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

When a junior elephant strayed away from the rest of its group, the cub saw his chance and rushed in to take it down.

The lost junior elephant is helpless as the lion cub gets ready to pounce on its prey in the arid Hwange National Park

The young elephant struggles from the grasp of the cub. Lions tend to avoid tackling fully grown elephants but target youngsters away from the herd during hunts

A close up image of the lion digging its claws into the hapless elephant who is about to be grounded. The dry season brought a number of elephants to the watering hole making them more susceptible to attack

‘The lion caught him and brought him down before a lioness came to help,’ said Staplekemp on the killing

Brent said: ‘It was the very height of the dry season and so the lions just had to sit at the waterhole and wait for the desperate animals to come and drink.

‘We saw two kills, a buffalo and a warthog, as well as several attempts on giraffes and buffaloes. It was a meat feast.

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California mother-of-three is getting threats after she had a black bear killed because it wouldn’t leave her house alone’Then this lone elephant calf left the waterhole and the young male lion took the opportunity.

‘I was at ground level standing behind my open door of my cruiser.

‘The elephant realised something was up and tried to chase the lion before turning and fleeing.

‘The lion caught him and brought him down before a lioness came to help.

‘These lions were very young and perhaps this was their first day as independent hunters without their mothers to help.

‘Lions killing elephants is a fairly new concept in Hwange but a phenomenon that has appeared because of the very high density of elephants around waterholes in the peak of the dry season.

‘Often the calves are lost in amongst the huge numbers of elephants at the waterholes and the lions have learnt to sit and wait for these unprotected youngsters.

‘It does tug at the heart strings but this is a result of ɱaп’s artificial ɱaпagement of nature and the lions are seizing on a survival opportunity too.’