Old lion fights back as herd of wild buffaloes attack

A group of buffalo charge the lone lion with their horns in the viral Instagram video.

A shocking video of a herd of buffaloes nearly trampling a lion has leaked online, and it all happened in South Africa. Deon Kelbrick, a tour operator, caught the whole thing on camera as he drove his safari truck full of passengers through the area. The lion was injured, but it got away from the enraged herd.

In the clip, a herd of buffaloes charge the elderly cat, using their horns to try to spear it. This video’s description states, “Dark ɱaпe Avoca male lion gets caught in between a herd of buffalo and fights for his life.”

According to the caption, “The pride attempted a hunt on a herd of buffalo and things went south quickly when the whole herd retaliated with a huge stampede towards the lions and, unfortunately, the older male lion could not get out of the way quick enough because of his injury.”

Dark ɱaпe Avoca, the pride’s eldest lion, was pushed about and stomped for almost 15 minutes before the rest of the pride rushed to his help. Three days after the incident, the photographer revealed on the internet that the lion had died.

More than 1.5 million people have seen the video on Instagram. Users on social media platforms were left inconsolable by the lion’s tragic ending. Several people were concerned about the lion’s health.

One Instagram user commented, “Shame poor fella. But this is the circle of life out nature. Spectacular sighting.”

Another Instagram user commented, “I can’t watch the video, it’s too sad, so I have come to the comments to see if he survived.”

Another commented, “So painful to watch. To be able to survive this attack I really wish he can get through it DM.”

The fourth instagram user expressed, “absolutely heartbreaking to watch .. nothing quite stirs up the emotions like the wilderness in all its rawness.”