Paralyzed dog found on train tracks seemingly out of danger

A pit bull mix, unable to move his legs and left for dead, is now “doing great” following his rescue

Photo: Philly Rescue Angels INC/Facebook

A paralyzed pooch was found clinging to life in the middle of train tracks in Philadelphia.

It’s unclear how the dog found his way onto the tracks last month but Philly Rescue Angels, INC, a nonprofit in Pennsylvania that cares for abandoned animals, said the dog may have been dumped nearby after they spotted a collar and leash nearby.

The organization christened the pit bull mix Lucky after he survived the two-day ordeal. Lucky was found on Nov. 29 and taken to the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine where he was treated.

“Someone has literally dumped this poor dog on the train tracks, he has been laying here for TWO DAYS, he has literally been laying his body down and the train has been going over him,” the organization said on Facebook. “We are heartbroken, this is pure evil!”

Veterinarians determined his spinal cord was severed and believe the injury was caused by getting struck by the train. Unfortunately, the dog will be unable to walk again, the organization said.

Since then, Lucky has undergone lengthy surgery, receiving two plates along his spine to heal the spinal injury, the organization posted online. He received his first therapy session on Monday after receiving injectable pain meds.

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After nearly $18,000 in vet care, Lucky is on the road to recovery but he may never walk again, leading the organization to fundraise for his future medical care and therapy.

On Tuesday, doctors said Lucky is “doing great,” according to the organization. “He loves his harness and being able to get up and move around.”

It’s a long way for a dog that spent two days lying on the train tracks before being rescued.

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“He has a great appetite, & may even be able to go into a foster home by Thursday,” Philly Rescue Angels INC. posted to Facebook. “Since he’s doing so good, this is all we have for the update, if anything changes we will let everyone know. Thank you all for the continued support!”