Prepare to Reevaluate: Unexpected Role Reversal Unfolds as a Predatory Animal Takes Down a Gator and Devours It Alive

They may appear cute and cuddly, but as one alligator soon learned, otters can be vicious predators.

These photos show an otter overpowering a juvenile gator and despite the reptile doing its best, it was no match for the fanged weasel-cousin.

The animals were spotted at Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in Florida, where it soon became clear that the otter was in it to win it.

Bow down: The alligator growls in panic as the otter bites down on its neck in the water

P-otter and Voldemort: Although an alligator would traditionally be seen as the superior predator in this fight, it did not stand a chance against the otter

oh, snap: The animals were photographed at Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in Florida, where the otter attacked the juvenile alligator, completely overpowering the reptile

The otter attacked the relatively young gator by biting it over the neck, ensuring it could not turn around and bite back.

After a short struggle, the otter was able to drag the reptile onto a riverbank and out of sight.

It then proceeded to eat the animal alive, validated by the ‘crunching noises’ that could be heard from the bank.

Despite their adorable appearance, otters are the apex predator of many freshwater species.

The munchies: The otter later dragged the juvenile gator on to a riverbank and began eating it alive

Otterly terrifying: The photographer said he was certain the otter ate the alligator because of the ‘crunching noises’