“Raytheon’s Groundbreaking Move: MH-60 Helicopters to be Equipped with Cutting-Edge Mine Disarming Systems”

WASHINGTON, (BGM) – Airborne mine neutralization systems (AMNS) will be deployed by Raytheon on MH-60 Helicopter as part of the Littoral Combat Ship mine countermeasures mission module, learned BugarianMilitary.com.

According the official U.S. DoD statement Raytheon is awarded $7 million contract to “fabricate, assemble, test and deliver low-rate initial production Airborne Mine Neutralization Systems (AMNS) and engineering services and support. The AMNS will explosively neutralize bottom and moored mines using an expendable mine neutralize device.

The system will be deployed from the MH-60 helicopter as part of the Littoral Combat Ship mine countermeasures mission module. This contract includes options which, if exercised would bring the cumulative value of this contract to $58,123,265. Work will be performed in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and is expected to be completed December 2021.”

AMNS neutralizes moored and bottom mines while operating from sea- and land-based MH-60S helicopters. By using helicopters as a central platform, mine clearance has become safer.

Mines are first identified by a sonar system or other mine countermeasure assets. The AMNS then identifies the location of the mines and neutralizes the target. AMNS consists of the following removable mission equipment:

How AMNS works?

The mine neutralization begins with the deployment of the Launch and Handling System (LHS) from the MH-60S helicopter. Because it’s compatible with MH-60S mechanical and electrical interfaces and supports easy on/off kit reconfiguration, the LHS is easily deployed from the aircraft. The highly effective LHS integrates many diverse high-tech capabilities into a single system, including a stable platform from which to launch the neutralizer vehicle.

The neutralizer vehicle is released from the LHS under the control of the sensor operator on the aircraft. The operator guides the lightweight (15.5 kg) and highly maneuverable vehicle to the target location using on-board sonar.

After the target is viewed and positively identified with an on-board video camera, the operator fires an armor-piercing warhead from the vehicle to neutralize the mine. The neutralizer’s state-of-the art electronics and sensors also provide a robust, high-speed fiber optic data link, track responder and echo sounder.

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