Rescued baby sloths having a conversation- try not to laugh

This adorable moment is caught on camera when a pair of baby sloths having a secret conversation.

You may have seen animal conversations like puppies and kittens but this is not that usual. Because they are sloths! And it is not common to see them.

This couple was captured in Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. The Sloth Sanctuary has been operating since 1997 in Costa Rica. It is officially authorized as a rescue center. The mission of the sanctuary is the rescue, rehabilitation, research, and release of sloths with a strong emphasis on conserving the Costa Rican rain forests, preserving the sloth’s habitat. Because Sloth’s natural habitat is Costa Rican rain-forest.

Look at this adorable couple. We may not understand them, but their cuteness level still comes through with their delicate voices.

The staff at the sanctuary is specialists on everything about sloths and is dedicated to the rehabilitation of sloths. Then they release back into their natural habitat.