Rescuers save small dog trapped in rubble after Turkey earthquake

The dog’s owner is in intensive care in a nearby hospital.Instagram

HATAY, Turkey – Rescuers in Hatay, Turkey, successfully pulled a small dog from the rubble ofa collapsed building after a deadly earthquake devastated the region earlier this month, and the whole rescue was caught on camera.

The video, recorded by Gurcan Ozturk on Feb. 8, shows the dog, named Pambuk, taking sips of water while it waited patiently to be freed from the rubble by rescuers.

According to an Instagram post, Pambuk’s owner had been in intensive care in a nearby hospital following the catastrophic earthquakes. Ozturk told Storyful that the family of the dog had contacted him.

According to reports, more than 46,000 people were killed when the earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria two weeks ago. Most of those deaths have been reported in Turkey.

Earthquake is deadliest in Turkey’s modern history

The death toll continues to rise in Turkey and Syria nearly two weeks after the series of catastrophic earthquakes, making this the deadliest disaster in modern Turkish history.

Rescuers provide the small pup with some water before pulling him out of the rubble.


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