Revealing the magic of lily flowers: 10 interesting facts you need to know

 Lily (also known as  Lily, Holiday,  Lily) is considered one of the most loved flowers in the world.

Winged  Lily s of various colors and shapes symbolize happiness and  purity..

Here is a list of 10 interesting facts about this beautiful flower.

1. Origin

Lily is distributed in ɱaпy places around the world, including the Americas, India, Japan, Australia, Vietnam and most of Europe. In fact, lily is one of the most popular flowers in Europe, and ɱaпy families use this flower to decorate their home or grow in the garden.

2. Purpose

Most of the  Lily flowers are grown for aesthetic purposes (at night, the flowers look very beautiful). But there are also some varieties of lily that are grown primarily for their bulbs. Although there are ɱaпy varieties of lily grown for their bulbs, only a few are popular: Lilium brownii, Lilium pumilum and Lilium dauricum.

Lilium dauricum flowers grown for bulbs

White lily symbolizes purity and innocence

 Hoa ban (Hoa Hien, Huyen Thao, Hoang Hoa Thai) has the meaning of love for the couple.

Tiger lily symbolizes prosperity and regal.


3. Each type of  Lily  has a  message, its own meaning. For example,  White Lily represents purity and simplicity, while  Daylily (Pearl Flower, Hyacinth, Hoang Hoa Thai) reminiscent of roɱaпtic and roɱaпtic moments of couples. Tiger Lily symbol of prosperity and regal.

4. In different cultures,  Lily  also has different meanings. The Chinese believe that the flower  Lily brings good luck (especially  Feng Shui), and in the Assyrian civilization, the lily is considered a holy flower. Greek mythology holds that the flower  Lily  is a symbol of motherhood, while Catholics believe that this flower represents chastity, innocence.


5. It might be hard to believe, but only  White Lily and  Tiger Lily have fragrance, other colorful lilies (e.g.  Yellow Lily) have no fragrance. Even so, with their bright glamorous flower petals, they are still one of the most popular choices when decorating homes, desks and growing in the garden.

Unlike White Lily or Tiger Lily, Yellow Lily has no fragrance.


6. As everyone knows,  Lily  is very durable, but Lily will last even longer if you remove the anther. Those who wear  Lily  on their desks or at home should note these tips!

Remember to remove the chalk to wish Lily a longer life!

7. Tiger Lily is considered the most aggressive  Lily . The large petals, glowing with vibrant colors make them especially stand out, and for that reason, Tiger Lily is often used to arrange bouquets of high art.

A creative wedding flower pattern when using Tiger Lily.

8. If you’re a cat lover, keep them away from Lily. Although everyone loves lily scents, they are very toxic to cats.

9. Lily was selected as one of the 10 most beautiful flowers in the world, meaning that they are often chosen for flower arrangements and table decorations.

The party table looks really upside down when decorated with Lily (Lily)

10. Whether it’s a simple flower pattern to decorate the house, decorate the desk or in grand events and parties, Lily is always the perfect choice. When combined with other flowers,  Lily  will make the space more attractive and attractive.

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