Shock! Villagers Discover Giant Python Behind String of Missing Children and Livestock Cases (Video)

Locals Triumph Over Enormous Python Responsible for Disappearances Over Days of Search

Amad was unable to do this because the snake was very heavy.The male python moved.

“I couldn’t pull the snake into the dry swamp. It looked like the snake had just eaten, so it was difficult to pull it because of its weight. In the end, I pulled out a machete and slashed its head,” said Amad.

Amad, Python Hunter, Resident of Dharma Praja Complex, Banjarmasin.

After the python was pulled to the surface, Amad continued his hunt towards the female python which was incubating the egg earlier.

The fate of the female is the same as the male, killed by Amad’s machete.

Amad immediately gathered the two snakes and skinned them around too.

“After straightening it out, it turned out that the length of the snake was 15 meters. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if the snake had resisted when it was alive,” said Amad.

Since the male looked like he had eaten, Amad was curious about what the python had eaten.

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