Suggest 20+ types of flowers that are easy to grow in pots for a more beautiful home

Potted flowers both do not take up too much space and are easy to care for, and can be decorated, like giving life to your home space, adding a welcoming and beautiful gate. Invite you and Dalat Hasfarm to learn about 6 very beautiful flowers that are easy to grow in pots through the article below.

RoseRoses are flowers that bring beauty, charm and are extremely good-looking by everyone.

Originating from temperate zones, roses grow well in tropical climates (such as in Vietnam). Roses are hermaphrodites, shrubs, with ɱaпy curved spines and branches. The flower leaves are bifurcated leaves that grow apart, the petals are light and bright, and the flower fragrance is gentle.

Night roses all year round throughout the month and have high durability, so they are suitable for growing in pots. You just need a pot of plants suitable for the height of the flower, the soil in nutrition is enough. Plants should be watered every morning and daily sunbathing, NPK  fertilizer twice a year for good growth and ɱaпy flowers.

HydrangeasOriginating from Japan, Cam Tu Cau has gradually been bred in ɱaпy countries around the world, including Vietnam.

Hydrangea flowers grow bush, usually night all year round, but the most beautiful and brilliant is still in the spring. The plant has a height of about 30-40cm, the stem and leaves are green, the leaves have long tails, the leaf surface is ribbed and the leaves have fangs. When the night comes, the night hibiscus flowers into beautiful clusters with ɱaпy different colors such as pink, purple, blue, and white.

Hydrangea flower symbolizes loyalty, sincerity in love, cohesion, concentricity or strength and resilience to overcome all difficulties and challenges in life.

Cam Tu Cau is used to living in a cool, humid environment, so you need to prepare a nutritious, well-draining soil, a pot suitable for the size of the tree, water regularly once a day, for Lightly sunbathe plants and do not leave the plants in the hot sun to kill the flowers.

GerberaGerbera is a soft, herb-like plant, about 20-40cm tall, its branches emerge from the stem without branching. The leaves are elongated like feathers, the back of the leaves has a ruffled hair. Gerbera petals are tubular and hat-shaped, ɱaпy small petals stacked to form a large head-shaped inflorescence, the center of the flower or the eye is located in the middle.

Gerbera is heat tolerant and is a bright exogenous plant. It has ɱaпy vibrant and diverse colors such as orange, white, red, yellow, … will adorn your home or office more beautiful and full of life.

Gerbera also contains ɱaпy auspicious meanings, symbolizing happiness, affluence, fortune, and fullness


Chrysanthemum FlowersChrysanthemum flower is a plant with extraordinary vitality, fragile in appearance but not “fragile” at all.

Chrysanthemum belongs to the daisy family, has ɱaпy branches, branches, tall stems, small pure white petals, soft growing around, covering dark yellow pistil.

In addition to the usual types, the daisies also have yellow, purple, pink and red colors, etc. At the end of October, the beginning of November every year, the daisies bloom as a sign of another winter coming. Compared to the other daisies, they usually have a fairly short life cycle, only about 2-3 weeks at night.

Chrysanthemum is a symbol of silent love, sincerity, innocence and selflessness. Not only that, these flowers also represent cohesion, nobility and prosperity.

Flower Tieu QuynhHoa Tieu Quynh, also known as Lan Cang Cua, belongs to the group of cacti, extremely beautiful flowers, so it is often grown to decorate balconies or houses.With a height of about 30-80cm, the stem has ɱaпy buds, succulent and bright green, covered with ɱaпy hairs between the nodes. The leaves are green and pop out like ɱaпy crab claws.

Flowers Tieu Quynh cool place, there are ɱaпy colors such as orange, pink, red, yellow, white, … Flowers sleep at night, from October to March each year, flowers are durable.

Hoa Tieu Quynh can help homeowners dispel bad luck, bring luck and peace to your family. Flowers are also a symbol of sophistication, cohesion and sincere friendship.

Tree of LifeLife Life is a herbaceous, branching plant that can grow up to 1m tall. Stems clustered, round green or purple. In Vietnam, there are ɱaпy types of trees such as Live Life in Da Lat, Live My Life, Live Life in 5 colors, Live Life in Red. Flowers of Life grow in clusters, ɱaпy petals are layered, drooping and have ɱaпy colors such as white, pink, orange, red, yellow, …

The Tree of Life is a symbol of longevity, wishes for abundant health, happiness and represents the glue bond between family members. It is also a symbol of efforts, striving constantly to rise up in life with ɱaпy difficulties and failures.



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