Thrilling! Fierce Battle Between Two Legendary Archenemies

A video captures the fierce battle between two legendary archenemies, the snake and the mongoose.

The natural world holds many fascinating things, and snakes are one of the most dangerous and fearsome animals, causing many species to stay away, including humans. However, the small mongoose is the nemesis of the snake, especially venomous snakes like the king cobra, because it has the ability to resist their venom.

A video released by the Smithsonian channel shows a deadly fight in the wild between a mongoose and a snake, two mortal enemies.

In the dry grassland of the desert region near the Sahara in Africa, a mongoose was on the hunt for food when it spotted a snake from afar and quickly approached its prey.”

Spotting its prey, the mongoose quickly approaches. Photo: Smithsonian.

In the captured video, the mongoose fearlessly approaches and attacks, but the snake is not a docile creature either, and is ready to respond fiercely.

The snake responds fiercely when attacked. Photo: Smithsonian.

The two animals engage in a long struggle without a clear winner. Despite being the aggressor, the mongoose is unable to quickly subdue its prey.

Struggling without a clear winner. Photo: Smithsonian.

In a swift attack, the mongoose performed a beautiful spin move like a true dancer

The knockout blow decides the outcome of the fight. Photo: Smithsonian

After taking a painful blow, the mongoose jumps back and seizes the opportunity to strike back, causing the snake to quickly retreat. With its innate ability to be immune to snake venom, the mongoose’s fighting spirit was not affected by the attack. However, it quickly surrendered to its formidable opponent.