Tiny ‘Snowshoes’ Give Injured Bird a Second Chance to Soar

When encountering a small Northern Mockingbird with impaired feet, what do you do? You employ some cardboard, tape, and a touch of ingenuity to devise an ingenious remedy!

Compassionate individuals at the California Wildlife Center (CWC) sprang into action to aid a mockingbird suffering from a foot condition that hindered its ability to walk, perch, or grip objects. The bird had incurred an unidentified injury that resulted in its feet knuckling, a common affliction among young avians.

The rescuers fashioned what can be described as miniature snowshoes. This design ensured that the bird’s feet were restored to their proper alignment, allowing them to heal. Prior to this intervention, the bird had to constantly balance on its toes, exacerbating its injuries. “Usually, it takes about a week or two of wearing the snowshoes for their feet to return to normal,” remarked Duane Tom from CWC, as reported by The Dodo.

Reports affirm that the snowshoe remedy has been a resounding success. The bird is now preparing to return to the wild, where it will once again serenade us with its melodious tunes. Hooray!

Recently, the California Wildlife Center rescued an injured mockingbird.

The rescuers ingeniously crafted tiny and endearing “snowshoes” to aid in the healing of its feet.

According to CWC veterinarian Duane Tom, “Usually, it takes about a week or two of wearing the snowshoes for their feet to return to normal.”


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