Transformation of a Puppy Found Inside a Plastic Bag Covered in Mange

He’s turned into a completely new pupper.

Whenever we do these stories, we need to start with a disclaimer/promise for a happy ending.

And, we promise, you’ll be left with a smile on your face.

This is the story of Jumper, a little puppy who was found curled up in a plastic bag on the streets of India.

The poor guy was skin and bones, covered with ɱaпge and had a nasty leg injury.

But, thankfully, this story comes to you via Indian huɱaпe society Animal Aid Unlimited, which means his story didn’t end on that dirty street.

(YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited)

Animal activists coaxed him out of the bag with a few biscuits, gently winning his trust until they could wrap him in a blanket and carry him away.

“Every ᴛι̇ɱe we tried to touch him he cried out,” an Animal Aid spokesperson said.

“This dear little boy was suffering so much, his worried eyes never relaxed for even a moment in the first several days after rescue.”

(YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited)

They cleaned him up, treated his wounds and gave him the unlimited love that he was so desperate for.

And after six weeks, it was like he was a brand new dog.

His fur had grown back, he was full of energy and he had learned to trust huɱaпs again.

(YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited)

Powerful video of Jumpy’s transformation was posted to the Animal Aid Untied YouTube channel earlier this month and by Thursday, the clip had been viewer more than three million ᴛι̇ɱes.

The video really connected with people.

“That doggy got a new lease on life – super happy,” one YouTuber commented.

“I really did cry at that before and after,” another said.

“Bless you for trying to bring joy to this savage world.”


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