Van Gogh, a dog whose ears were cruelly chopped off by thugs, finally finds his forever home

A eight-week-old puppy named Van Gogh after cruel thugs chopped off his ears has found a happy ending.

The pit-bull / Australian Sheppard cross had his ears sewn together by fishing wire when he was found roaming the streets by a horrified member of the public.

The poor dog was rushed to Hillɱaп Veterinarian Clinic in Alabama, Florida.

His foster mum and veterinarian technician, Sasha Corbett, told Fox News: “Someone had cut the ears off and sewed them together with fishing line.

He also had scars on his neck from where a collar was starting embed.

His ears were so severely infected that he needed a course of antibiotics before vets could treat him.

But Van Gogh has since undergone surgery to repair his ears and has now found a new home, after the clinic launched an appeal to help him meet a new owner.

“A client at Hillɱaп that I know was looking for a dog with special needs and the ones she wanted were adopted.

“She saw his picture when we posted it and immediately fell in love,” Sasha said.

It is not yet known who is responsible for the attack on Van Gogh.

But Sasha added: “I wish we did (know) so we could pursue animal cruelty charges.”


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