With unwavering courage, a fearless woɱaп stood her ground and rescued her horse from the treacherous mud as the tide continued to rise.

A single paragraph cannot adequately describe boundless love. However, no matter how long and detailed the definition is, virtues like patience and commitment should not be absent from the paragraphs.

These virtues (patience and commitment), among others, were exemplified by a young mother who stayed with her beloved horse for nearly three hours after the massive animal became entangled in mud. The horse was eventually saved after a race around the clock with the tide rising rapidly.

For this woɱaп, her child, and their two beloved horses, a short ride on the beach turned into a terrifying experience for everyone involved. Nicole Graham was riding her 17-year old horse, Astro, and her daughter, Paris, was riding a younger horse when the massive animals became stuck in the mud with the frightening tide rising quickly.

The woɱaп quickly moved to save her daughter and her horse out of desperation. But Astro was having trouble finding his way out, and his desperate attempts to free himself only sank him further into the mud while the storm kept rising quickly.

So his owner, Graham, clung to him, attempting to calm him down, while Paris, his young daughter, sought assistance elsewhere. The girl went to their car, where she was able to call for assistance.

A ride on the beach turned into a nightmare for this mother-daughter duo and their two horses

Meanwhile, her mother remained next to Astro, calming him down. Both the horse and its owner were exhausted by the ᴛι̇ɱe a rescue team arrived.

Fortunately, after calming down Astro, they were able to pull him to safety.

By the ᴛι̇ɱe a rescue team arrived, both the horse and his owner were exhausted

The horse’s rescue was possible thanks to the efforts of the fire crew that teamed up with a vet and a local farmer

Fortunately, Astro was unharmed by the incident, though he was only dehydrated. It was a battle against the fiercely rising tide that they won.

“It was like quicksand,” Graham explained. Nicole Graham, the horse’s owner, was credited with saving the horse’s life.

She believed that ɱaпy horses died from such incidents and that the chances of survival would have been much lower if the owner had not been present or not committed and patient enough to save the horse