You don’t need to be strong, just have a big mouth!  Viral Video: Barking Dog Scaring Away Leopard Stuns Internet.

Usually, wild cats pounce upon small animals. But have you ever imagined a dog scaring away a leopard? It seems unrealistic. However, in a viral video doing rounds on the internet, a stray dog is seen doing just that.

The video was shared on the internet by Twitter user Jaiky Yadav on November 2. In the video, a dog can be seen resting on a road when a leopard tries to pounce on it. Instead of running away from the situation, the dog puts up a brave front by barking at the leopard. The dog stands there, in front of the leopard, continuously barking furiously at him, leaving the leopard no other option but to go back to the jungle.

The caption of the post reads, “Agar ye darr jata, toh pakka marr jata (If he was afraid, he would have surely died). Ever since being shared on the microblogging site, the post has amassed more than 1.17 lakh views and 5600 likes. The 10-second viral clip has also generated a lot of user reactions.

One user commented, “He is scared but he has dared to protest in fear, so he may have survived. It is natural to be afraid but it is wrong to stop fighting out of fear.”

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“If a Dog feels nervous or submissive, dog will hold its tail lower and might even tuck it between his rear legs. Here The Dog is really scared or feeling extremely submissive, against the Cheetah.So The Dog here Hold its tail tucked up tight against its belly instead of,” commented another one.

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