How to care for flowers and prune branches of Thai green apricot trees easily for gardeners

Thai green apricot is a woody, trellisis climbing plant. The purple inflorescences hanging in the sunshine promise to make your campus more unique and fancy. ɱaпy people consider Blue Apricot to be the flower of passion, faithfulness and aspiration. The plant is suitable for growing as a decorative plant for balconies, garden grounds.

Cây Mai Xanh Thái (Cao 150cm - MS: 50025) – Vườn ươm cây hoa cảnh ILG

CÂY MAI XANH THÁI 50cm – Công Ty Hạt Giống Sạch

Cây hoa mai xanh Thái, loài cây leo giàn có hoa tuyệt đẹp, chống nắng ...

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